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NYSVMS Position Statements 

PC/PLLC Names that Contain the Name of a Species, click here


Out of State Specialists, click here.


Corporate Practice, click here.

Declawing of Cats, click here.

Declawing of Cats Fact Sheet, click here.


Devocalization, click here


Funding for Licensure Boards, click here.

Liability for Reporting Abuse, click here.

Regulations Mandating Spay/Neuter, click here.


NYSVMS Memos of Opposition


Declawing of Cats, click here.


Buoy's Law, click here


2016 Legislative Wrap Up

Click here for a wrap up of the 2016 legislative session.


Read the 2016 Legislative Agenda here:

















Item Name Posted By Date Posted
Meg Thompson 2017 President PDF (505.78 KB) Administration 1/3/2017
NYSVMS 2017 Media Kit PDF (157.83 KB) Administration 11/30/2016
2016 Legislative Wrap Up PDF (647.83 KB) Administration 11/2/2016
Memo of Opp Declaw PDF (215.18 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
Memo of Opp Buoy's Law PDF (261.64 KB) Administration 10/11/2016
NYSVMS Awards List PDF (398.45 KB) Administration 10/7/2016
NYSVMS Anti-Trust Statement PDF (153.88 KB) Administration 9/19/2016
NYSVMS Position Paper Out of State Specialists PDF (38.7 KB) Administration 9/19/2016
NYSVMS Position Paper Names that Contain Species PDF (43.64 KB) Administration 9/19/2016
HVH Flyer PDF (1.63 MB) Administration 7/12/2016
HVH Schedule PDF (374.71 KB) Administration 7/11/2016
HVH Certificate PDF (187.47 KB) Administration 7/11/2016
NYSVMS Website Privacy Policy PDF (116.39 KB) Administration 6/30/2016
NYSVMS Website Terms of Use PDF (184.7 KB) Administration 6/30/2016
NYSVMS Position Paper Mandating Spay/Neuter PDF (42.78 KB) Administration 1/18/2016
Use of Microbials PDF (1.19 MB) Administration 11/20/2015
Thompson Elected 2016 President-Elect PDF (314.51 KB) Administration 10/27/2015
NYSVMS Position Paper Devocalization PDF (37.77 KB) Administration 10/9/2015
NYSVMS Position Paper Liability Reporting Abuse PDF (36.58 KB) Administration 9/29/2015
NYSVMS Position Paper Corporate Practice PDF (34.97 KB) Administration 9/29/2015
NYSVMS Position Paper Funding Licensure Brds PDF (35.95 KB) Administration 9/29/2015
Cyanobacteria Blooms Fact Sheet PDF (111.36 KB) Administration 7/15/2015
NYSVMS Policy on Microchipping PDF (38.04 KB) Administration 7/7/2015
How to Fight Cyberbullying PDF (1.99 MB) Administration 4/29/2015
Declaw Legislation Position Paper PDF (204.48 KB) Administration 4/20/2015
2015 NYSVMS Legislative Agenda PDF (1.1 MB) Administration 3/27/2015
2015 JPG (318.09 KB) Administration 12/9/2014
NYSVMS Statement on AVMA Resolution 1 PDF (109.47 KB) Administration 7/18/2014
Take the LEAP! Join NYSVMS Link Administration 8/21/2013
GRLN - Grassroots Legislative Network Link Administration 8/21/2013
NYSVMS by the Numbers Link Administration 8/21/2013
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